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5 easy and healthy breakfast recipes to get you out the door

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I've been saying it over and over again, but engaging in a healthy lifestyle as a busy woman can be difficult. From finding time to workout, to preparing healthy, wholesome, AND delicious meals in the already limited time we have outside of work and family, to finding a moment in the day to just BREATHE....sigh.... the hustle is real.

Enter AMAIA. As part of our life-hacks series, we will be bringing to you different strategies to make your life easier. From ways to sneak more comfortable clothing into your work wardrobe, to quick and easy exercises you can do anywhere, anytime, to delicious meals that are both easy to make and part of a healthy, wholesome diet... we got you ;-)

So here we go...! 


Life hack #1: 5 easy and healthy breakfast recipes to get you out the door faster.

I don't know about you, but I am in constant search of easy breakfast recipes that (1) take no time to put together, (2) I can grab and go with ease, and (3) are healthy, made from whole foods, and delicious. Sounds like an impossible task, right? Wrong! Here are 5 breakfast recipes that I eat on a regular basis and have helped to streamline the chaos that I call mornings.


1. DL’s Peanut Protein & Energy Bars


Danielle Levy Chocolate peanut energy vegan bars


Have you heard of Danielle Levy? No? Consider your life changed. This Holistic Nutrition Practitioner packs a mean (read: delicious) punch with all of her plant-based, whole food recipes, and these energy bars are no exception. I make these bad boys every weekend and grab one to eat on my way to work. This recipe is extremely versatile - you can sub any nut you like and add extra spices (e.g., cinnamon, ginger) or more nuts/seeds/etc (e.g., pumpkin seeds, hemp hearts) if you want. Plus it's basically desert for breakfast - win win! 

(Side note: if you aren't already soaking dates to use as the source of sweetener in your baking - you need to start! I also like to save the water and add a bit to my smoothies for some no-sugar sweetness. Trust. You will never look back).

Get the recipe here.


2. Oh She Glows- Vegan Overnight Oats


Overnight oats fruits berries


I currently have an obsession with overnight oats. They come together the night before in 3 minutes flat and you can eat them at your desk once you have arrived to work. Add your favourite fruit/berries/nuts/seeds to them and you will be full until noon! 

Get the recipe here.


3. Minimalist Baker- Creamy Chocolate Breakfast Shake

 Minimalist Baker Chocolate Spinach smoothie


Really any green smoothie of your choosing would fit the bill for fast/easy/healthy/delicious breakfasts, but this one from Minimalist Baker is particularly amazing. I love putting cocoa powder into my smoothies to give them a sense of indulgence - living on the edge never looked so wild. 

Get the recipe here.


4. Nutritionist in the Kitch - Easy Egg Muffins


Easy egg muffins


Ah the classic egg-breakfast. This recipe needed to be included on the list for the speed in which you can put them together, the ready-to-go nature of the muffins, and the versatility of its ingredients - you can really add any type of vegetable and add/omit cheese/spices (garlic anyone?)/other ingredients as you like. To keep assembly-time short, this recipe calls for the vegetables to be added in raw, but if you prefer your veggies cooked, by all means saute them beforehand.

Get the recipe here.


5. Simply Quinoa - One-Pot Lentils + Quinoa with Spinach

 One pot lentil quinoa spinach breakfast


I know what you're thinking - lentils for breakfast? Not what you would typically think of for a "classic" breakfast. But hear me out. I constantly feel like I'm in breakfast Groundhog Day (don't get me wrong - I love the 4 recipes above and eat them all the time) and sometimes just want to try something different/out of the ordinary. This recipe can easily be prepared for supper and brought to work as a wholesome, warming, and filling breakfast. To add a more classic breakfast twist, you could add a poached egg on top and call it brunch. 

Get the recipe here.


Let me know if you have any favourite go-to breakfast ideas! I am always looking to switch things up :-)






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