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I am AMAIA 3.0: The Traveller

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Woman airport travelling Alo Yoga leggings looking out window

How to stay comfortable AND look good while travelling


We've all been there - while prepping to get on a long flight, we struggle with an internal dilemma: do we say screw it and wear the comfy jogging pants we usually reserve for Sunday night Netflix marathons? Or look good in jeans but be uncomfortable AF?


In our previous posts (I am AMAIA 1.0 and 2.0), we took a look at some women staying fit while working their hustle. This post is for the traveller. Every woman who has worn jeans to the airport, did the awkward pants-change in the airport or plane bathroom into their comfy jogging pants for the red eye, then changed BACK into jeans once at their final destination. It's awkward. And annoying. And I'm always still kind of embarrassed to be in those jogging pants even on the plane. 


Thank goodness stylish leggings are a thing, ammiright?


Woman travel airport activewear Alo Yoga L'URV


Now we can put on ONE killer outfit in the morning and not have to carry that pesky pair of pants in our already too-small carry-on (making room for extra snacks and in-flight entertainment!). 


Woman travel Alo Yoga leggings


Plus, wearing your workout leggings to the airport means zero excuses to busting out a bit of pre-flight exercises to make sure the blood is flowing while in the air (stay tuned for our How to Stay Fit While Travelling post - coming soon!).


Now you can step on and off of the plane with ease and in style, and be ready to start your trip at a runner's pace. 


If only it was as easy to find your car in the parking lot once you've returned from your trip.. or is that just me? ;)


Woman travel airport parking lot Alo Yoga leggings


Wheels up!


Featured in this post are the Alo Yoga Moto Leggings and the L'URV Stone Temple Crop

Photography: Moryl Prudencio


  • Jessica: October 20, 2016

    I fly at least once per week and I got the Alo Yoga Moto Leggings a month ago and they have been my new favorite travel buddy. I’ve worn them on 8 flights already!!! I’m a customer for life!! :-)

  • Elysha Bastien: October 20, 2016

    I totalllllly feel you on this one! Hate the jogging pants look….

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